A small action makes a big change

Today I am going to share you my own story and tips to help you perform better in an job interview and maybe it can help you to increase your change to be hired. I do not discuss the content of interview in this post, but I do share with you some small actions that you can do, or you can learn to do now to improve your interview skills.

Do you know that interviewer often make a first judgement about you just after 7 seconds? Just 7 seconds after seeing you. So what you can do in 7 seconds to make first impression. First is your dress. Try to dress smart-casual. It do not have to be too formal with pant, shirt or tie like some advices you read on many websites now. Personally, I found out that if you are just a student and you are applying to a company in Vietnam, just try smart-casual. I mean shoe, jean (or pant, just not short), shirt or t-shirt is ok, try to be neat, clean and active.

Two other things you can do is your body language in your 7 seconds you meet an employer. A confident eye-contact (don’t look around when saying hello) and a firm handshake. My advice is if you scare to look at his/her eyes, try to look at their top of nose. And try to make a firm handshake, not too weak but not too strong. You can practice by using right hand to shake with left hand. Some people might think you are crazy if you do that in public.

So that is what you can improve to make first impression. Now I am sharing you a tip to make a big change at the end of the interview. Normally, at the end of every interview, you will be asked ‘Do you have any questions?’. You better should say yes. If you do not have a question, your interview is just like an one-way communication. And one-way conversation is not good for interview. Try to prepare some questions at home before coming to an interview like clarify projects that the company are doing, ask the detailed jobs of your position, etc.

And final thing, after you finish your interview and come home, try to write a thank you letter to send to an interviewer. This will make you stand out in their eyes. Imagine if you and another candidate both do good in the interview, and then they just receive a thank you letter from you, who they will choose? You can find many thank-you letter on Google. A small kind work makes a big change, hah.

So that’s it! Hope you cope well with your interview.

For more information you can contact me directly, I am more than happy to share with you.

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